England beat Wales!

But the downer is a bit of a head this morning…


3 responses to “England beat Wales!

  1. Boy did the English beat Wales! I was very disappointed with Wales’ performance overall, the backs just couldn’t create anything. However, I was more than pleased, and I’m no expert wrt the front row, that England turned out to be no great shakes compared to our so-called second string. On top of that our new boy on the wing, Morgan Stoddard, demonstrated that he is a real flyer. Wales’ major problem is a lack of depth in most positions, except it seems in the front row, and on the wings. Compared to England, who I learnt last night have the largest number of registered professional players on their books in the world, therefore Wales is a minnow by comparison, so we have to be proud here in Wales that our boys ran England so close. I enjoyed the game though, and congratulate the English team on their win. I hadn’t realised that England now have three home games, until the commentators mentioned it, so who knows a Grand Slam may well be in their capability. Anyway, I’m supporting the Irish this afternoon, and the Scots this evening. If the games continue in such a competitive vein we’re in for a treat. Cheers.

  2. “It was a close game and someone has got to lose and it was us and we are gutted.” -Welsch Centre Jamie Roberts. I wish American athletes would speak like this!

  3. Jamie Roberts is quite an unusual player for these professional times Steve.

    Not only is he unusual, he is bloody annoying as well! He’s ridiculously good looking (wifey’s opinion), plays and played at the very highest level of my sport, one of the best players in his position in the world, a superb athlete, eloquent and educated. Not only does he find the time to train at the level required for his club side the Cardiff Blues and his country of Wales, he also a medical student who is working towards his Doctorate!

    But the saving grace for me, for Mr Perferct, is that he’s Welsh and he lost to England! 😉

    It was a pretty poor game though…

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