A terrible truth…

That was not good, my weigh in that is.

From being 16st 4Ib in November, I am now 17st 4Ib.

God knows what I weighed when I got back on the wagon January 1st. Still in shock truth be told.

This needs to sink in a bit…


8 responses to “A terrible truth…

  1. I know just how you feel mate, I broke my wrist just before christmas and the wife (bless her)went and got a new pair of scales, needless to say I have put a stone and half on.Soul destroying but it will not beat me , I will be back on my bikes soon and will loose all that weight and some………………..so “don’t ever stop”

    “come on england”

  2. Ignore the scale for a minute. How do you feel (aside from temporary back problems)? How do you look? Any change in waist size? Most of your blogs of late seem to be pretty up beat. You also mention a lot of work on core and upper body. Are you adding muscle?

  3. I agree with Mike, you’ve weighed in at 17 stone 4 lbs several times before over your lifetime, but did you feel as good as you do now? You can lose those 14 lbs again, ” Don’t ever stop!”. You said it and you believe it. Have a great night in the Dodford, then it’s back on that “Specialised” wagon of yours. Looking forward to more of those posts you write that make me get out there chasing my goals. Cheers mate, but I’m afraid, now it’s “Go! Go! Wales!, God I wish we had the Haka, however,….”be careful there now butt, this leek’s very sharp, and my daffodil can be deadly, so watch it!” We do have, “Men of Harlech” and I’m hoping to hear the Millenium stadium, bursting with song.

  4. SHIT MATE, Sorry, wow, I gained a fair old whack while I was off with the killer flu, it doesnt matter, what does is that you deal with it and find out what caused it and if you can avoid it in the future

  5. Don’t fret dude…

    PMA is what’s required….Its also perfectly normal to add weight on in the winter!

    It will shed again soon enough 🙂

  6. I agree with these fellas.

    You’re healthier now.
    You know how to lose.
    You’re eyes are now open.

    Go for it. Don’t look backward.

  7. I know how you feel Clive, I have been in the same situation to many times.

    I have to agree with the comments above, you are exercising as well as cycling, you are eating healthy so put it down to experience, promise yourself not to do it again. Carry on with the exercise, cycling and healthy eating, there no need to make any changes, those three things got you to 16st 4lb once, they can get you there and beyond again

  8. Not great news Clive but I gues not all together unexpected after a period of relaxation and over indulgence. The bottom line is that you have to have a life in amougst all of the sacrifice and hard work.
    You have had your break and now its time to dig in!
    I am confident that your story is an inspiration to anyone who reads you blog, keep up the hard but good work.

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