Still at home laid up.

My back is still bad. Luckily with work in mind I can work from home pretty effectively. This is my TCUP moment. This is when I have to Think Clearly Under pressure. I can’t excercise so I need to be on the ball with the grub top notch, especially as I have my weigh in this Friday.

Moving on…

When I’m fit again I have seen this on the British Army Soldier Magazine Website. That is a good target to aim for. Can I join the 300 Club at 47 years of age?

Best get my back sorted first!

Oh, and a new Bikeradar blog here.


8 responses to “Still at home laid up.

  1. Be careful with the back Clive, especially if you are looking at doing sit ups etc. My back always starts to give me gip after a couple of weeks of doing regular sit us. I used to do 3 sets of 30- 35 on an inclined bench. My back then started to remind me I was far too old for that sort of stuff! (48 years old now….)

  2. Hi Clive sorry to here about the bad back. Take care mate. I do understand the pain from a bad back. Thought your army chart was interesting, unfortunatly I’m off the chart at 57 for some reason. I used to do a lot of running when I was a little younger. Ran the London marathon twice in around 4 hours. I think I’d be happy now to finish in the same day.

  3. I hope your back feels better soon. Stretching and core exercises are generally the key to keeping it pain free. Let me know if you’d like any suggestions.


  4. Ohhhh I hope your back up and running(Cycling) soon…..

    Must plan another ride up in your neck of the woods this summer….

  5. Thanks fellers.

    @JB, Look forward to it! Be gentle with me though…

    @Darryl, Thanks for offer, been doing planks and crunches before the injury. Any other good ones gratefully recieved!

    @Robin, The chart is a good motivator, I hated running when I was in the Army, so this will be a challenge.

    @Fuzzy, Age is a terrible thing! Youth is wasted on the young! And various other cliches that escape me at the moment…

  6. Wow – that Bike Radar write up nailed my last 6 or 7 weeks perfectly. TCUP! Thanks.

    Good luck with the back, hope it gets straight for you soon.

  7. Thanks alot Clive, that Standard to Achieve chart doesn’t even have me on it’s scale, at 60 it seems I’m too old! Hopefully, regular cyclists are supposed to have a younger condition than their real body age, should I aim for the 50-54 age target? Sorry to hear about your back, get stuck into that TCUP? As far as I’m concerned, my lack of TCUP, is built around, “oh, I don’t have the time”, and my paranoia about ice out there on the roads. Did my commute today, there are still patches of ice out there, but temperatures were forecast to be well above freezing. That didn’t work out, however, because as I rode home this evening, frost was already settling on the pavements and roads, and the puddles started to have a glassy look, which unnerved me considerably, I’m such a wimp! In my case it’s a case of “Ow! Ow! Fear of pain”. I walked down the last slope into our street, as the ground was sparkling. Now outside is white everywhere, to my great disappointment and frustration, I will not be cycling in the morning. Get your back OK, ready for the Dodford on Friday, you don’t want to end up watching the rugby laid out on the couch.

  8. Hi Clive,

    You have my sympathies on your back. I’ve suffered for years so I know what a bugger it is when it flares up. Gotta be careful on your next trip on the bike.

    Still, you’ve got the Six Nations to look forwards to–come on England!!!

    The team has been shaping up nicely over the past few months (and about bloody time). Do well in this tournament and I reckon we’re in with at least a fighting chance in the World Cup.

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