All over the shop…

Had a bit of a disturbed night’s sleep last night. For some reason late yesterday afternoon my neck started to ache like buggery, so much it kept me awake. Haven’t a clue what I’ve done to it. Wifey thinks the cold ride yesterday morning might have got to it. Whatever caused it, I don’t like it! I have to say though, yesterday’s pedal was tough!

I enjoyed the traditional Dodford Friday evening, Richard the gaffer stuck “Happy Birthday to you” on the sound system and brought out a miniature cake with a candle on it! The whole pub sand along which was a laugh. I don’t think too many of them will be doing singing for a living!

I’ve reserved prime spot at the end of the bar for next Friday’s Wales v England 6 Nations game. My mate Ski will be accompanying me. So that’ll be a quiet one then…

Bike cleaning takes centre stage today. The Giant is gopping and needs plenty TLC, obviously after we’ve done whatever wifey has in store.

Also hoping to get in England A v Italy A this afternoon. It’s on Sky at 3:00 pm, which is the proper time for sport! None of this lunchtime or evening kick off crap! What’s that all about then!

So, a good disciplined week of pedalling and grub is over. Weigh in next Friday, so I need to keep the hammer down next week too.


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