Facebook prompting..

How’s this for sad then?

Last night via Facebook, the wife of a very old Army mate sent me a message saying “And what are you doing tomorrow?”

We do have the odd Facebook chat every now and again so the fact she was chatting to me wasn’t unusual. So with a bit of puzzlement I responded, “work by push bike as usual, why?”

She responded “47?”

I’d totally forgotten that it is indeed my birthday today and I’ll be 47 years old. I’m not bothered by age at all, I don’t get wound up like some folks I know about a number relating to the year they were born. I’m not a kiljoy either, I’ll celebrate birthdays with the best of them, but when my birthday falls on a working day, it loses all significance. Well it does for me anyway.

So, Happy Birthday to me. No doubt I’ll celebrate over the weekend.

I pedalled in this morning into a pretty strong headwind and a bit of sleet too. I’m now hoping the wind stays strong as it’ll blow me home later…Fat chance…

Phill can now launch at me with abandon after I had a gentle dig about him not cleaning his bike after a pedal. The state of my Giant Defy is disgraceful after the 43 miler last Sunday and a weeks worth of winter commuting. But, it only has this afternoon and tomorrow to go before it gets the TLC it needs!

This is it parked up in the factory at work this morning. Shameful…


10 responses to “Facebook prompting..

  1. You forgot your birthday? I understsand that’s a sign of advancing age . . .

    HBTY 🙂

  2. Happy birthday. As you say its only a number. Act your shoe size not your age. They say as you get older two things go, ones your memory, and I cant remember the otherone is.

  3. 47 ?????????????????

    Bloody HEll 😀

    At least you can cycle, both my bikes are dead, DEAD I say !!!!!!

  4. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday mate av a goodun

  5. Happy Birthday old timer! -:) all the best!

  6. Happy birthday! Have to say, you don’t look 47 – I’d of said early 40s at worst.

  7. Happy birthday Clive.

  8. 21 with 26 years experience 😉 hope you are having a good day

  9. Sorry it is late but Happy Birthday Clive!

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