Tripping the light fantastic

Or rather my front light went tumbling down the road on the descent from Frankley Beeches this morning. I hit a pothole hard and it shook and broke the bloody thing off. The road is rural so there were no street lights. I had to stop and wait for cars to come down the road so their headlights would illuminate the road for me to see the bits’n’pieces, case, batteries and clips etc. Eventually I found all the necessary pieces and put them back together. But the holder was broken which meant I had to complete the rest of the ride with the light wedged between my left hand and brake hood. Not ideal but was a requirement given the carelessness of other road users.

A bit of tape and a washer here at work and it’s now secure back on my handlebars. The impact cracked the main holder where the retaining screw locates. The holder itself is irrepairable, but I’ve got it functional now so no harm done I guess. I’m just glad I didn’t puncture when I hit!

It seems there’s always something happening, some problem to fix or issue to negotiate. Can life not be simple and straightforward? Rhetorical question there, don’t bother answering!

Yesterday’s pedal, core and upper body excercises all went as they should. Also the grub was dealt with efficiently too. I still seem to be coping ok with that.

The only slight downer, nothing major I hasten to add, is a case of saddle soreness and an aching right quad. It looks like Sunday’s pedal has had an effect after all, all be it slightly delayed.

Well, I ain’t getting any younger!


3 responses to “Tripping the light fantastic

  1. ” I ain’t getting any younger”

    Don’t you start that talk!

    It’s these trials and trails that keep us young.

  2. That must have been some pothole…..yeah, good thing you didn’t get a flat. How are your numbers coming along? I’m excited to hear about your next weigh in and see you continually move closer to your goal. I finally got our mate, Bryan, focused and he’s kicking some major butt. I’m so happy for him. I’m also glad that you both have connected and can help motivate one another as well.


  3. Thanks Darryl, weight update on the 4th of February!

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