Giant Commute…

Did you see what I did there?

I’m implying I came in to work today on a long route, but really I came in on my Giant Road Bike the quick way!

Very bad skills yesterday, I didn’t clean the beast when I got in, so I decided that if it’s dirty already I may as well commute in on it this week and make cleaning it worth my while at the weekend.

Just have to big up wifey here a moment, she did the most delicious Roast Pork dinner I’ve had in ages yesterday with crackling to die for! A great way to settle in after my pedal. Oh, and I musn’t forget her home made bread pudding, wow, top scran!

This morning’s pedal went ok, nothing out of the ordinary, I came in over the Beeches and via Harbourne which as I said is the quick way. Physically, yesterday’s 43 miler hasn’t had much of an effect, I can feel my quads a tad but that’s it really. Pretty pleased.

Just keep on with the commute, upper body stuff and the food management this week. Here we go!


3 responses to “Giant Commute…

  1. I hate to say it, but pork crackling and bread pudding, I love both by the way, don’t sound like sensible eating. My stomach is rumbling just at the mention of such foods, damn you!!! At least you’re putting the miles in, well done. I’m nights for a few days, and milder temperatures above freezing are forecast, so I’m cycling, at last, whe-hey!!!

  2. Hi mate, glad you’re pedalling again. As for my “healthy eating”, it took a while to realise that it’s not what goes in your gob that’s the problem, but how much goes in your gob! Everything in moderation is fine.

    Looking forward to the 6N? Looks like both us and you will be fielding 2nd XVs by the 4th!

  3. You are so right about healthy eating, I’ve still to learn when to stop. As far as the 6N is concrned, Wales, just haven’t the strength in depth. But harking back to a comment I made awhile back in your comments section, really great players seem to avoid injury, why is a mystery to me? Or is it? I think they have a sixth sense in the contact area, that’s why great players stay so pretty. Well it’s a theory of mine anyway.

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