Back on the road bike

Today was the first venture out for my Giant Defy since October 2010. I’d given it a check out yesterday just in case I decided to do a road ride instead of a MTB pedal. I opened the garage and felt like a change, it’s been all commuting and MTBing since Christmas so a road trip felt right.

I saddled up and just went, no particular route in mind, let’s just see where I end up. I headed out towards Wythall, then over to Shirley and then I found myself heading off towards Henley in Arden. That was ok, I knew any number of minor roads home from  there and I decided on going past Tanworth and the Umberslade Children’s farm. Our kids love that place!

I saw plenty of other cyclists on my route, all said hello to me which was very comradely. The weather was pretty dull, but dry and not too cold.

I could now decide to head towards home, which was over Weatheroak Hill where a Windmill is located. It’s been converted into a home. Pretty cool if you ask me, and it’s located near to a fabulous real ale pub, that of the Coach and Horses at Weatheroak.

By now at 30 miles in I was starting to slow a bit, mainly due to the terrain and I was heading westwards into the wind, I had resolved to do enough miles to kill Phill’s January 100 mileage challenge so an extra loop was in order to get that done.

Instead of going directly home I headed towards Kings Norton to bag the extra miles. 43 of them at end.

I felt ok, nothing too bad and it was great to get back on my Giant, which felt positively featherlike and turbo powered after 2 months of MTBing and commuting on a MTB.

I was glad that I could just get out and do a relatively good distance without too much trouble. This was the furthest I’ve pedalled since the Tywyn 114 miler! Seems the distance is still there in the old legs!

Route here:


3 responses to “Back on the road bike

  1. Well done. Nice ride. And I love the paint scheme on that Giant.

    If I ever decide to pull the trigger on a Project One custom Trek Madone, I’m going to get that paint scheme.

  2. Great pics! I notice the same big change when I hop on my road bike after several stinks on my hybrid. Sometimes I think I should train more with the hybrid – it’s definitely harder to push!

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