Usual Rubery Saturday…

Off into Birmingham in about an hour, we’re going to the Bull Ring Market . We need a few bits’n’pieces which we can’t get locally. I hate going into Birmingham and as such we very rarely do. We’ll park up at Selly Oak and get the train in to New Street Station. I’ll be getting a view of the towpath I pedal into work from the other side of the fence!

Onto some fat/medical type news, I’ve had my appointment for my echo cardiograph come through today, it’s February the 17th at Redditch. That’s come through quicker than I thought, hopefully they’ll confirm I can permanently come off the meds. I haven’t been taking them since the week before Christmas and I haven’t noticed anything untoward.

Moving onto bikey news, my mate Ski who you can see here has visited the Specialized Store in Brum (I didn’t know they had one) and treated himself to this. Which selfishly means I can go on road jaunts with him on a road bike instead of my commuter!

He said the store itself is brilliant and very customer orientated and professionally run. In this day and age? Behave yourself! Well done them if it’s true!

This is his bike all lovingly put to bed in his living room where he can look at it and fondle it if the fancy takes him.

He’s named it, which is weird, but it’s called Silver, I’m assuming for obvious reasons, rather than him being a Lone Ranger fan. Which if he is he’s kept it very quiet.

He won’t be riding it for a while though. He got up for a piss Thursday night, fell over his decorating ladders on his landing (he’s doing his house up at the moment) and broke his toe! He can’t get his new cycling shoes on to fit and adjust his cleats and he couldn’t put any pressure on his foot if he could! Bless him…

I’ll be going on a pedal tomorrow, ‘cos I haven’t broken my toe, but I’m undecided if it’s a road bike trip or a MTB trip. I’ll make my mind up when I open the garage.


One response to “Usual Rubery Saturday…

  1. Your mate Ski chose a good starting road bike. The only downside si the equipment is a bit basic. Good enough for a beginner though.

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