Blinded by the light!

I had a H&S site visit to attend this morning, so I was up at the crack of Sparrow fart as usual to get in a cheeky 20 miles before breakfast. I went to Edgbaston tunnel and back via NCR5 and the cut. Bloody freezing, -6 and frosty and icy as hell.  My toes were killing me with the cold after 15 miles, so I had to grit my teeth a bit during the last quarter of the ride.

My Light and Motion Stella 120 went wrong last week, the switch I think, as all it would do is do the flash mode, it wouldn’t turn off as well. To turn it off you had to unplug the battery lead!

I had it from Red Kite Cycles at the end of last October, so while I was out and about today I dropped in to get it sorted. It will get sorted but not as quick as I’d have liked. The only bloke on duty was Sean the mechanic and he was embarrassed to say that he didn’t have the authority to exchange or refund me my money. All he could do was take my details and get it sent off as a warranty job back to Madison the distributor. Which is a bit pants and not Sean’s fault. Nick who is the shop manager was on a day off and the owner wasn’t in either! What’s the point of having a day when no desicions can be made? And a Friday too!

Anyway, I’m not without a light good enough for Towpath commuting though. In the week I got this:

A Magic Shine 808 which is altogether in a different league light wise. I used it in anger for the first time this morning on the NCR5 and Cut pedal. It’s as good a car headlight and I wouldn’t have any problems using it for a serious off road pedal. It’s mega good value for money too, in the region of £60 cheaper than the Stella 120!

Pete over at Belly Buster and Gaz of the Incredible Shrinking Gaz  fame both have one and they say they’re dogs danglies too!

For the money they’re brilliant! See what I did there?

My route this morning:


3 responses to “Blinded by the light!

  1. Got my Magicshine from for about £47 delivered. Takes a fair while to be delivered (direct from far East). So allow about 3-4 weeks.

  2. Same as me mate, took a while but worth it. It was fantastic on the towpath and NCR5 this morning. I may (family permitting) get over the hills Sunday morning before dawn and give it a go there.

  3. Think mine is the 868 mate, the one with mental housing, either way, for £90 its the most amazing cycling add one I ever did buy , turns the canal into DAYLIGHT

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