Commute into Smethwick

After 2 days of being Nurse, Doctor, cook, general dogsbody and all round good egg, I have managed to get out of the house and get in to work. Wifey, while still all flu’d up, says she can cope with the still flu’d up Spawn of Satan. That remains to be seen though. I am expecting a phone call or two.

Anyway, a trip in via Bristol Road and 5 Ways with no assassination attempts, but with a hard frost to wake me up. Still on track with the upper body and core excercises and more importantly with the grub.

6 responses to “Commute into Smethwick

  1. How do you manage with the heavy frost? I got up early Monday, not to go to work, but to go for a ride, but when I went outside the puddles were iced over, and I decided not to risk it, in the dark? Getting so fed up with being unable to commute, worse, heavy frosts down to minus 3 and 4 degrees forecast at night, for days ahead. Are you slippng, sliding etc.. ?

  2. Still on track and being a ‘good egg,” impressive. Keep on.

  3. Way to fight through some winter challenges!

  4. Welshie, I hope you don’t mind me saying, no insult intended, but it seems that you have an unnecessary phobia about the frost and ice. I never hesitate to pedal in frost, like this morning for instance, a very thick frost. I’ve only ever slipped over twice, that was 2009 just before Christmas actually on the road and once on the towpath when I realised I was pedalling on sheet ice. Oh I had a bit of a moment last week too on a fast left hander when my front wheel twitched on a bend but I stayed up! Just stay relaxed on the bike and to be honest I’m very rarely going fast enough to hurt myself if I do come off! Get out and give it a go. You may surprise yourself!

  5. I don’t want any surprises at all! We still are getting icy patches here that I won’t risk, it’s not just frost. Our street, hardly sees the sun in winter, being in the shadow of the valleyside, until about 16.00. A light frost I might have a go in, but the roads are often covered with overflow from the streams, coming down the valley sides, at night they’re freezing over. In the dark when I travel they’re treacherous. Alot of words there to hide my wimpiness.

  6. Not wimpyness mate, you’ve got different conditions to me so you must make a common sense call.

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