Tail wind and overkill…

I read plenty of cycling blogs and have been pedalling since I was a boy and I thought I’d “seen” as it were, everything. That’s pretty arrogant of me thinking about it, but this morning I saw a new one.

Unusually I saw another cyclist on my early commute in. He was coming towards me, I saw him first from a good way back as he had a fantastic front LED light and as he got closer I could see he was properly equipped, hi vis jacket, plenty of hi vis patches, a good MTB (Scott) with full mudguards etc. All in all it was clear he was a regular commuter. I prepared myself to deliver my usual “All right mate” which is my normal salutation to fellow cyclists when I was struck speechless, he was wearing a full face proper Motorbike helmet! I was stunned, I couldn’t believe it. That’s real overkill! I’d never seen that before. So much so I was aware I was staring at him!

It played on my mind a tad during the rest of the ride in and eventually I thought rather than be amused and all judgemental about the feller, perhaps he needs the benefit of the doubt as perhaps he has learned a few hard and very personal lessons that made him think a full face motorbike helmet is the way to go for him.

I can never see the time when I think I will need a full face motorbike helmet on a pedal. Even after my few skirmishes and coming togethers with various vehicles over the years. As I said overkill in my opinion, but if that’s what it takes to get him out and ride then fair enough. We’re all different.

I just wish I’d said hello, he probably thinks I’m an ignorant git!

The pedal in itself was fantastic, I must have had a pretty decent tailwind as I got in at the same time as when I ride the route on my road bike.  Head wind home then…

Weekend starts here as they say, it’ll be a ride home dinner time, upper body excercises and core workout afterwards a bit of “work” work  this afternoon and then the usual Dodford visit for my weekly ale allowance!

There’ll be no blogging from me tomorrow or Sunday. I’ve got a full on weekend. Tomorrow is changing the exhaust on wifey’s car plus other scheduled stuff she has for me. Then Sunday I’m at a Rugby Coaching Conference all day. Looking forward to that!

Another give away from Ray over at DC Rainmaker.

Have a good weekend all and see you all on Monday!


7 responses to “Tail wind and overkill…

  1. Pretend you said hello, but he didn’t hear you through that helmet 😉

    Perhaps he broke his normal lid and this was better than nothing?

  2. Good plan mate, if I see him again I’ll shout!

  3. Thats unreal clive, a motorcycle helmet!!!
    his head must of been boiling in that!!!

  4. While I agree it is a strange sight he may not of been that daft. By law you have to wear a motorcycle helmet to ride one of those little (bee in a tin can) moped and they are limited to 30mph. If he is the sort of rider that gets his head down and pedals hard and fast he is likely to be into the low to mid 20 and I don;t think there will be a lot of difference hitting a car side on while riding either a bike or a moped, by the time you have gone over the top of the car and landed on your head on the other side it is going to hurt. At the end of the day you only get one headbrain, best protect it the best way you can

  5. I see that the helmet provides good protection, but decent mtb helmets also offer excellent protection all around the head without looking so special or using so much weight. Somehow it just seems wrong.

    Perhaps he’s had his motorbike nicked.

  6. Clive, are you sure it was a full face motorcycle helmet? Soem of the nutter downhill MTB riders wear lightwieght full face helmets that look just like a motocross helmet……

  7. It was a motorcycle helmet mate. I know the type you mean though.

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