Change of route

It was persistently precipitating all day yesterday so my route home was to be on the road rather than the cut, which with all of its standing water isn’t that great to pedal through. I chose going home via the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital (known to all Brummies as the QE) and over Frankley Beeches , if you like your history, which I do, check the link out.

The climb over the Beeches is always a tester and according to my Garmin Edge HR monitor I peaked at 175bpm, it felt like it! This was probably because I’d overtaken a young bloke on a MTB just before the climb started and I knew he was trying to stay on my back wheel. I suppose I should have stayed behind and been towed up the hill by him, but I ain’t wired that way and have to get and stay in front. I’d never make a road racer! Anyway, he never managed to get back in front. On the descent the other side I looked back and he was miles behind, so my ego was satisfied. It nearly broke me though!

I came in the same way this morning and everything was ok. Feeling pretty good! If a trifle damp…

One response to “Change of route

  1. Yeap somebody on my on my tail raises my heart rate too. I gotta ride when that happens. Losing hurts, and seems I can endure extra pain to avoid. 🙂

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