Frosty Sunday Morning MTB Pedal.

As part of the hitting the 3 stones loss this year target I will be getting out much more on my MTB and pedalling at the weekends. Wifey permitting of course!

This morning I set off before sunrise at 0714hrs to be exact and decided to get my lazy arse over the Waseley and the Lickey Hills.

The ground was very frosty and the temperature was -3 according to the handily placed barometer. A tad chilly then but nothing like the -15 temperatures of recent weeks.

After a blast (slow grind actually) up to the top via the bridleway at the Country Park, a brilliant view South West towards Droitwich with a helping hand off the lights from the M5 and the Droitwich masts. They’re always a handy landmark if your night navigation goes a bit wonky!

After the usual route downhill towards the A38 Bridge which leads to the Lickey’s I knew the horrible climb to the top of the Lickey’s via Beacon Hill was next. This would test my legs, heart and lungs after the terrible December I’d had. But much to my surprise and delight I went up it ok. Which was nice!

A brilliant descent to Barnt Green was next, even getting some air time in over roots and small rocks, the icy trail did concentrate the mind a bit though. I was aware that the next landing if onto a patch of ice could be my last! But I got to the Barnt Green Road ok.

A fast tarmac stretch to the cut next and a quick stop for a drink and a bite to eat at Lower Bittell Reservoir Moorings where I tweeted and Facebooked the following picture. Just to prove I had got my self out and pedalling!

A ride down the towpath to the Hopwood Pub I headed over to the bridleway that would bring me back over Lickey’s to home. The sun was coming up by now and I stopped to take a photo of the sunrise.

All that remained was to go by the Yacht Club, traverse Cofton Park, get myself over the hardest climb of the day back over the Lickeys and then drop back into Rubery and home.

Route here:

I deliberately hadn’t cleaned my commuter from last week as I knew I’d got a MTB to clean today, so I cracked on straight away and got them both done. The commuter especially was gopping. The towpath and road dirt really seem to be combine to make bikes the filthiest I ever see them. Give me good old bog standard mud anytime!

Bikes before:

And after a bit of TLC from yours truly:

A good way to start the off roading this year. My fitness didn’t seem to have suffered too much from the awful December and as always is the case my local hills and trails were putting on a brilliant dawn winter show for me and proves you don’t have to go far to see peace, tranquility and beauty. It’s right there on your own doorstep!

God, I love MTBing!

just to finish off I’ve had another blog published over at Bikeradar.

3 responses to “Frosty Sunday Morning MTB Pedal.

  1. Nice one Clive, very well done for getting out to go off road in the dark! Good using the Droitwich masts as a landmark, I always remember them when I used to visit Webbs garden centre!

  2. You had more luck down by the canal than I did by the river, by the time it got to axle depth 😮 I decided to head for high ground, just glad I never tried that at 7:15 in the morning………

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