Starting over

Phew, what a day yesterday, first day back after a month off felt like starting over. Morale wise it felt great. Physically not so great. The ride in was ok but the ride home was hard. Very hard. I went home via the canal and NCR5 and after about 10 miles in I was dead. My quads were killing me and my upper arms were aching for England. I know the last 3 miles were uphill and there was a stiff headwind, but I didn’t expect it to be that tough. Just a case of digging in and toughing it out…Whimper…

I got in and was ordered straight into the bathroom for an ablute by wifey as dinner was nearly ready. I was that late. That meant I didn’t have time to do my core and upper body stuff immediately like I always do. That annoyed me a tad. But stay flexible eh? I had to rush my ablute, again pissing me off, I hate rushing, and went downstairs for my dinner, wifey’s pasta with homemade tomato sauce. This cheered me up no end.

I squared my kit away, something I normally do straight away but couldn’t and settled in for the evening. I then had to take daughter to Air Cadets which meant getting off my fat arse, so I did my upper body and core work out when I got back. That pleased me loads as doing physical stuff after I settle down usually is a non starter for me. The only slight downer was as expected I had to lower the reps as the enforced break had degraded my performance a bit. But no doubt I’ll catch back up again pretty rapidly.

This morning I can feel a dull ache in my quads and upper arms and even more disappointingly I’m saddle sore! I haven’t been saddle sore since I started this insanity 18  months ago. But there’s only one way out of being saddle sore and that’s more pedalling!

The pedal in this morning was ok, apart from sliding out on black ice on a fast left hander and nearly going on my arse! I came in again via the Bristol Road and 5 Ways and again every other road user very kindly didn’t try to kill me!

But the most important thing of all was my calorific intake. Food management is back with avengance! Hyper good yesterday and will be today. My head is back in the right place at last.


3 responses to “Starting over

  1. Well done. we all need a kickstart to get us all motivated again, hope to do a lot more this year.

  2. You’re on your way again! Great stuff!

  3. Great post. Food management is the key! My weight didn’t really start dropping consistently (no matter how much I rode) until I got the eating under control.

    And as for starting up again this year – Jaysus! But cold weather riding is the pits! I’m riding the trainer in the basement but it ain’t quite the same.

    Best of luck in 2011.

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