Last day at home.

Work proper tomorrow, so sunny Smethwick beckons. Off for a walk with wifey and the hounds in a bit. The trip to Mom and Dad’s went well. They spoiled their Grandkids rotten and I got Mom’s new laptop working, all connected to the interweb and emailed up. I don’t know how much she’ll remember of the places to click on bless her! But Dad was absolutely blown away by Google Earth! I think he’ll be on that quite a bit if he can figure out how to operate a mouse! I am absolutely certain they have no comprehension of the new world that has been opened up for them.


One response to “Last day at home.

  1. Hey, this almost 60 year old is still having trouble with the TV remote, let alone comprehending this old PC, just look at my crap blog page. Patience is a virtue, sadly I must be less than virtuous. Us oldies are slow to accept changes, that’s why I’m sat here trying to type on this ramshackle PC, while my new Netbook is staring at me. Doah!!!!

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