Year in Review and a look forward to 2011

It’s been tough working out how to summarise the year I’ve had. Like everything it’s had its good points, some incredible highs and some morale sapping lows. Which coincidentally is what I’m suffering from now.

December 2010 has finished my year off with a terrific downer. After the exuberance of cracking the 6 stones lost at the end of November I then succumbed to a terrible flu bug, which I’m only just starting to see the back of. That put paid to a whole month’s cycling. And with it went my hyper food discipline. For most of the month I wasn’t stupid with my grub but wasn’t totally on it either, but then Christmas happened. Which I’m ashamed to say saw me revert to my old bad habits. My food consumption went off the scale and the quality of food was awful. So much so I have resolved to wait until the 1st of February 2011 for my first weigh in. This is just so the scales won’t damage me psychologically too much. I’ll have got in a whole months pedalling and food management by then. I believe it’s called damage limitation. Or more realistically shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. A complete and utter falsehood, but one I’ll take to get back on track.

That’s the bad, and the disappointing bit, especially my behaviour re the food. I thought I was better than that. But it seems my relationship with food is still as precarious as ever. No doubt it will be for life.

Looking back on my records I was 19 stones 4 Ibs this time last year. At my last weigh in at the end of November I was 16 stones 4 Ibs, that if my shoddy sums are to be believed is a yearly loss of 3 stones and a grand total of 6 stones lost. Please remember that was at my last weigh in. I have no doubt that my weight is up again following the flu and food (mental illness) relapse.

I’m stating now, to you Gentle Reader, that my goal for next year, that of 2011 is TO LOSE A MINIMUM OF 3 STONES. That will take me to the unheard of weight for me of 13 stones 4 Ibs. I wasn’t that light when I was in the Military and playing rugby at my highest level! But that’s my challenge.

How am I going to do that?

First and most importantly is get my head right. Which even at the time of writing this is getting back into shape. I’m already looking forward to my next pedal and to getting my food management right again. And as we all know (once your head is right), food management is the most important thing to weight loss, not balls out exercising, which did come as something of a shock to me this year. To lose weight the primary thing to remember is to control what goes in your gob!  Finally and least important, although still important, is excercise, which in my case will primarily be pedalling to and from work with my upper body and core stuff as soon as I get in from work.

As I keep telling everyone out there who has struggles with their own particular problem that the only battle is with your own mind. Nothing else. Not an illness, not weather, not a perceived crap bike, not circumstances at work or even in your personal life. They’re all excuses that you allow to become “real” reasons for your lack of success. A way of letting yourself off doing what you know to be right.

Sadly, I’m as guilty as anyone with that. As December has proven.

Onto bikey stuff, this old fat MTBer took the plunge and actually got a road bike. A Giant Defy 2 which I love dearly and has given some great trips in 2010. My first 50 miler since I was a kid, my first 100 miler since I was a kid and it allowed me to recreate my 1980s trip to Tywyn with a 114 miler in September. The two 100 milers took place within 2 weeks of each other, not bad for a 46 year old fat bloke!

I didn’t get in as much MTBing as I’d have liked, family and Rugby commitments meant that my weekends were taken up with doing my duty on that front. But I did get some great MTBing in when time allowed. Reacquainting myself with my local trails was an absolute pleasure, doing a ride over proper mountains in Snowdonia and I also discovered a surprising love of filming and photographing my trips. Ok, I may love it, but I’m the first to admit I’m absolutely crap at it!

Health wise the 6 stones loss has got my high BP under control, my sleep is normal, my cholesterol is normal and I’m waiting for a letter from the hospital for an appointment for an echo cardiogram to see if I can come off my heart medication that’s controlling an enlarged heart muscle.

My clothes are hanging off me, I’ve lost 12” off my waist (which is the only body measurement I’ve ever taken while doing this thing) and I’m continually making new holes in my belts and cutting them shorter.

Oh, and I’ve pedalled 3789 miles this year. Next year should be more due to no car to chicken out to!

So, 2011 then.

A self imposed target of a minimum of 3 stones to lose.

That’s the only target, and I will as usual be recording every significant event here. And as usual I won’t be leaving anything out.

All that remains is to wish you my Gentle Reader a very Happy New Year, and as ever you have my undying gratitude for your support and advice and also to apologise to you for the bad December as well, but you won’t be as disappointed in me as I am in myself. I will be back on track come January and that’s a promise!


15 responses to “Year in Review and a look forward to 2011

  1. Whether your up or down it is still inspiring to read your blog. I let my own demons get me off my bike well before the snow and ice hit here. I’ve kept reading your blog every day and have the itch to get back in the saddle asap. Keep it up, I’ll be silently cheering you on

  2. 3 stone loss in 2010 sounds like a fabulous year. A further 3 stone in 2011 seems like a big ask, but I’m sure you can do it.

    Have a Happy New Year and thanks for blogging.

  3. Ps. With all of the changes when will the site change to

  4. Even with a bit of a downer Clive, it has been a brilliant year for you, congratulations on all the hard work and all the best for 2011!

  5. Always an inspiration friend. Looking forward to keeping tabs on each other in 2011.

  6. Cheers folks. appreciate the comments as always.

  7. Clive…I think you have done amazingly well.

    It was good to meet up with you earlier in the year, I must make a point of pedalling up in your neck of the wood’s again in 2011…

    And this is no excuse…It is healthy and normal to put weight on in the winter!

  8. Excellent Year

    Well bloody done mate

    I now have your man flu :-(…..Feel AWFUL…I prey to god it doesnt last as long as yours did though

    heres to 2011

  9. Clive, best of luck to you 2011! Your blog is a great read and I look forward to more of your adventures, though I’m still trying to figure out what, excactly, a stone weighs… 🙂


  10. First and foremost, have a really great 2011, Happy New Year to you and yours. 2010 was a fantastic year for you, and we all were inspired by your achievements, and followed your lows, you have a real talent for writing, your blog is the first I check on each day, keep it going. If anyone can crack that 3 stone it’s you! Cheers pal.

  11. Well done Clive. You’ve still done well regardless.

    I’m looking forward tp reading your blog throughout 2011.

  12. Sorry for the slow response but I’ve been ill since Boxing Day with some nasty horrid flu thing with a temperature, shivers, the lot 😦

    Well done on 2010 and best of luck with 2011. Hopefully we’ll get to meet up again.

  13. Great weight loss Clive, you can be proud of yourself and your enjoying the journey, that’s the critical part of weight loss

  14. Best of luck with your goals in 2011. I’m afraid i’ve almost quit riding and as a result I seem to have stopped blogging and reading other peoples blogs.

  15. Thanks for commenting fellers! Wassup Jon?

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