6 monthly BP and heart check.

A bit of good news amongst the bit of a downer I’ve been having lately. I had my BP check and it’s all normal. So much so that my Doc has recommended me to a specialist in the new year to have an echo thingy to check out my enlarged heart muscle. That’s to see if I can permanently come off the Perindropol heart medication I have to take daily. He says I can stop taking them now, which I’ll do, but long term it’s all dependant on the echo thingy telling them how my heart muscle is.

He has also advised me not to pedal, or even consider it until my chest problem is completely better. Something I was going to do anyway. I’m still a bit wheezy and still coughing but it is getting very slowly better. It’s a right persistent blighter this bug. I just wish it would f**k off!

I again told him of this blogosphere and the huge help it’s been to me and others like me. I told him to Google me and he said he would have a look. I hope he thinks of this as a resource that can help others.

Hi Andy if you’ve logged on and found me!


5 responses to “6 monthly BP and heart check.

  1. Well done Clive.

    I never went to my doctor before dieting and cycling so I have no idea what my BP, blood sugar etc was like. My doctor has never suggested, in all the times I did go there whilst morbidly obese, that I should lose weight.

    My brother went to the doctor earlier this year to request a vasectomy. The doctor told him to lose weight and he had to have the procedure done under general anaesthetic because of his weight. When he was offered a slot early with their temporary theatre, he was too heavy for the table!!

  2. Well done on the BP Clive

    Unlike Toby, my doctored nagged me about losing weight until I decided to

  3. Excellent news, well done!

  4. Good to hear about the BP. I hope the doc checks out your blog and refers any of his patients to it that can benefit and be inspired by what you have done….and then do it themselves.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  5. Good news….

    Lets look forward to a good 2011 🙂

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