Wow, what a fall!

It never stopped snowing from 0800hrs yesterday morning to 1700hrs yesterday evening. We have had about foot of snow. It seems that the West Midlands was very hard hit. The only way to go pedalling would be with a Pugsley like Bruce of Coastrider fame. Or Davey in the States. The roads are virtually impassable here.

So a walk down the shop in a bit and get Sunday Lunch done. Don’t know when the trip to my folks in Wales can happen.

Looking back at my Blog from exactly a year ago, it seems the weather was same as it is now. Cue all the cliches about global warming!


One response to “Wow, what a fall!

  1. It would be great to own a Pugsley, with big fat snow tyres, I’m so frustrated that I can’t get out on the bike. I struggled to get the car out of the street this morning, only to find the local garage has run out of diesel, bummer! Have to go to Neath on the way to my nightshift this evening, to get some. Enjoy your Sunday, cheers.

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