Episode 2 – Attack of the snot.

This is a stubborn little bug that’s attacking me. The coughing is starting to die away only to be replaced by a thumping head ache and sneezing fits accompanied by rivers of snot.

I now have the comedy red sore nose through excessive use of the old tissue.

I hate this…


3 responses to “Episode 2 – Attack of the snot.

  1. Hmm… this time of year… red nose… you’ll be ready if it’s a foggy Christmas Eve.

  2. That snot is such a stubborn, nasty substance…there must be some industrial uses for it that we have not yet explored. Is it a glue? A self-generating lubricant? A condiment for small children? (I’ll stop now)

    Heal up (and take some Santa pictures while you have that red nose!).

  3. Tissues with the aloe vera in them are good for the runny nose, used them a lot with my allergy that makes me sneeze

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