Episode 1 – The Pharmacy Menace

Wifey booted me to the Docs yesterday as I was/am getting no better unfortunately. So the Doc I saw looked like he was just out of medical school as he seemed to be repeating a set of lines to me rather than doing some medical improv. He even said to me if my breathing becomes impossible, phone for an ambulance! Bless him.

So the upshot is I have a chest infection, reduced airways that has brought my asthma back, my peak flow is down 30% and as predicted I have flu.

Added on to my daily Heart tablet is 6 steroid tablets to be taken in one go for the airway thing, 3 antibiotic tablets for the chest  infection and I have for the first time since I started pedalling again an inhaler for the asthma. I feel like a Pharmacists lab rat.


5 responses to “Episode 1 – The Pharmacy Menace

  1. I hope all of that is temporary. Heal up and get back on the bike.

  2. Ditto, you’re having a rough time of it, hope the steroids etc., get things moving, in the right direction. Cheers.

  3. Get well soon. As always, it could be worse. At least this isn’t the heart of cycling season! Hibernate for a few weeks and you’ll be that much closer to Spring.

  4. Feel for ya, bud.
    Chest infections are the one thing that brings on my asthma. The one and only asthma attack I’ve had was brought on by one. 3 days on a ward in hospital thanks to that. Really thought my number was up. I saw a bloke with a collapsed lung get out quicker than me.

    I don’t normally cycle much in Winter. I mean, I do the normal little rides. But, nothing hefty. I’ve noticed lately that if I expend too much energy, that the cold air is making me wheeze. So, it looks like after having been ventolin/salbutamol free for the last 5yrs, that I now need to head back to the Doc’s for more. I’m tempted to see if I can get a peak-flow meter, so that I can keep tabs on my lung function.

    Clive, always remind yourself that it’s all about the greater good. Far better to have a short, bad run of it, and be back on form. Than to suffer forever.

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