All roads to the Dodford open!

I had to laugh yesterday, we went as usual to the Dodford Inn for the start of the weekend celebrations, and as the roads are still pretty dodgy and the Dodford is in the middle of nowhere, I thought I’d better go a different route as the most direct which is all rarely used single track country lanes will be very difficult driving.

So I tiptoed the car around the long way which is still lanes but at least more used double laned roads and so I guessed easier going than the direct route.

But when we drove past the roads that are the direct route I could see they were in fact perfectly clear, even more clear than the main roads in my area! What was that all about then?

When we got in the pub I commented to Richard the Gaffer if he’d bunged a barrell of ale to one of the gritter drivers to keep the routes to his pub open? He just smiled and said “wouldn’t that be a good idea?” Hmmm, mystery solved I feel!

So Saturday and a usual family day. I guess shopping, walking the hounds and I’ll be watching the rugby this afternoon.


One response to “All roads to the Dodford open!

  1. No chance here, the roads are all iced over, as if we’d had freezing rain. The roads were a death trap, I had difficulty staying upright walking. Good thing I didn’t commute on the bike, but the frustration is growing. Have a great weekend, cheers.

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