More snow

Had another dumping last night, but as I’m still at home ‘cos of no Nursery for Dan as the heating is still knackered it doesn’t really affect me.

In the spirit of being able to pedal in this weather though, here’s me all bombed up for the conditions.

Dan had to get in on the act too…

A wooly hat over the ears, a buff covering the rest of the face, stick your lid on and job done. Toasty!


3 responses to “More snow

  1. Looking good, just started snowing here again , won’t be cycling to work, yet again, really getting frustrated, but everytime I see the ice and snow my shoulders hurt. Yes, I’m a wimp!

  2. I can’t get a woolly hat under my bike helmet as I have such a big head!

    I can get a buff to fit and fold it like a balaclava though. I could probably do with another one though so I can double each one up. One for the ears and one for the face.

  3. Your motivation and dedication is inspiring, my friend. Great to see you making it happen no matter what. I love the pictures.


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