Dan’s nursery still closed

So I’m working from home again. The good news is that I didn’t have a battle with my inner wimp this morning about going for a pedal before the house woke up. The reason being I woke up at 0710hrs when everyone was getting up! So no pedal today!

I guess I must have needed the sleep and it’s my body’s way of saying “Hey! I need a rest!” I’ll listen to it.

It’s still snowing lightly here as it did all day yesterday, it’s not sticking on the roads though. Bonus.


4 responses to “Dan’s nursery still closed

  1. Sometimes that voice is the inner wimp and sometimes it’s the plea of tired muscles and tendons. It’s the wise man who can tell the difference.

  2. Dunno about being wise Mike, I just didn’t wake up!

  3. I’m still lazing in bed till 09.00., good news is temperatures are supposed to be rising tomorrow. I’ve been toying with the idea of cycling to work tonight, but temperatures are supposed to drop to minus 8 degrees over night, which makes me believe ther will be ice on the road home in the morning, so yes, I’ve wimped out again.

  4. Looking at the Met sites it seems we’re coming to the end of this little cold spell. You’ll be pedalling soon enough Welshie!

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