First pedal missed since I sold my car

I’m working from home today as Dan’s Nursery has had heating failure and is closed. When I’m working from home I normally get up and do a 20 mile loop in place of my commute before the Chapman house is awake.

This morning my inner wimp won and I rolled over and went back to sleep. No pedal. Let’s hear it for commitment to the cause eh?


5 responses to “First pedal missed since I sold my car

  1. Shocking!

    You wimped out of going out in the -3, 9 mph Northerly wind in the dark, with icy/snowy roads/trails….my god you wimp! 🙂

    Uhhhh I think you made the ride call, I have been making the same one of late…

    Damn I’m not looking forward to getting the rollers out tonight 😦

  2. Hi Clive don’t feel bad, you’ve kept going long after most of us have stopped. I ride to work all year round but up here in York we have so much snow I have’nt cycled for a week. I’m afraid at nearly 57 I find the road much harder when I fall off these days. So the inner wimp is much nearer the surface these day.

    Stay save


  3. Won’t be missing tomorrow, I’ve been beating myself up all day about it!

  4. Not pedalling because of the snow here, and off work till Thursday night, so I’m curling up in the mornings also, must say I’m enjoying it, but guilty as well.

  5. I don’t blame you mate.

    I didn’t have a car this time last year. I didn’t mind the snow over winter but I HATED the cold.

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