First snowy pedal of the winter

I had to walk out of my road this morning, about 2″ of snow and ice on the road. The main road at the top wasn’t much better but at least it was rideable. It was still snowing too which meant I kept getting flakes in my eyes which wasn’t that pleasant. I took to pedalling with my head down a bit so my helmet peak kept most of it out. The temperature was -4.

The roads cleared at Northfield due to the volume of traffic where I joined the A38. There is never a lot of traffic at that time, but just enough to get the grit spread and the road fairly clear of snow and ice. The cycle lane wasn’t clear though so I pedalled in the inside lane. Something I wouldn’t do later in the day!

I chanced the canal towpath yesterday, it was pretty dodgy to be honest, very icy and slippery, I did have the odd slide before I reached Selly Oak so I came off there and did the Bristol Road and Frankly home. My bike was caked in snow around the brakes and gear mechs when I came off the cut too, it must have added about 5Ibs in weight! I’ll not be towpathing it tonight, I’ll be dicing with death with the tin boxes through Edgbaston and Harbourne. The real downside of winter!


4 responses to “First snowy pedal of the winter

  1. I got snow in my eyes this morning. It really stings. When it rains and I’m riding during daylight, I normally wear my glasses. Didn’t wear them today but think I should have. Your snow on the ground sounds a bit worse than ours.

  2. Sounds like fun. But do watch ice on the brakes. A friend had her brakes freeze at an inopportune time, just as she started a 1+ mile descent down a mountain, all possible worst cases: temp just below freezing, slush, rain and snow mixed, just after sunset. She had a great grin after surviving the exciting descent without incident, but obviously could have ended badly. Do check them frequently and stop as needed to knock them clear.

  3. I’ve never had any trouble grip wise with freshly fallen snow. Its when it gets all compacted and then freezes the fun and games start.

  4. You’re braver man than me gunga din!

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