-6, and a year of blogging.

November the 29th 2009 was my first tentative step in to the world of blogging after spending a load of time commenting on various people’s cycling and weight loss blogs. I thought I’d better start one myself as I seemed to have a bit say about my own weight loss and pedalling progress after all of these good people motivated me to start.

The people in question who got me started are Frank Kinlan, Gaz, James and not forgetting Joby. All 4 of these blokes are directly responsible for the plethora of words I’ve typed, the miles I’ve pedalled and the weight I’ve lost. Oh, and they’re responsible for me freezing my bollocks off this morning, but more on that later.

Once I got into the blogging, I’ve “met” a load of really nice supportive folk, all with their own tale to tell be it bike or weight loss related, or both. I know I’ve said it before, but this is a community and very much a team game.

I’ve also actually really met in real life, Rafe, JB and Redbike to share various pedals with. All top blokes who all share a love of the bike.

Please do not be offended if I haven’t mentioned you directly, to be honest I could have spent the entire time on this particular blog just listing and thanking the people who I’ve shared emails with, Twitter time, Facebook conversations and blog comment conversations over the year. But I’m willing to bet your own particular blog is linked in my Blogroll. If it isn’t give me a shout and I’ll get you up there.

Everyone of you good people have kept me on the straight and narrow, been there to offer support, a bit of gentle cajoling or outright abuse if you thought I’ve needed it and I sincerely thank you all for it. I hope I’ve been equally “motivating!”

Segueing smoothy onto “motivating”, I needed every bit of my motivation this morning, -6, very icy although no snow thankfully. I decided to belt in on the road rather than chance a dodgy canal towpath. I’m glad I did, that was one of the few times I’ve actually been properly cold on  my bike. I’ll make a route home decision when I saddle up this afternoon.


13 responses to “-6, and a year of blogging.

  1. Hi Clive well done on hitting the mile stones last week, and good on ya riding in this morning. I am affraid the bike stayed in the garage this morning, way too much snow in York. I am only a recent veiwer of your blog, and did’nt know it was the first aniversary. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading what you are doing. I feel I know you when I really don’t. By the way we have Black Sheep on draft in our local all the time, well its made in Yorkshire.
    All the best and stay safe.

  2. Hi Robin, me and wifey stayed at a B&B just around the corner from the brewery a few years back, nice part of the country and bloody nice beer!

    No snow here, but very icy. No choice but to pedal now I’ve sold the car!

  3. Congratulations on one year of great blogging and inspiring so many people along the way.



  4. Thanks for the kind words Darryl, much appreciated mate!

  5. I went out on Sunday when it was -6 and within 5minutes I was muttering a ‘plethora’ of words in relation to the air temperature down the first hill. Never again!

  6. Hello, Clive. I am glad that you found my site and I have been reading your’s as well. I am impressed with your effort and your results (and I really like your style!).

    I only rode a few miles this past week, after finishing a big race last weekend. This week, I’ll begin a regular running schedule. Seems a bit scary, but many of us have learned that we can do much greater things than we previously thought.

    Big Clyde

  7. Whoop whoop.
    Well done mate – 1 whole year. Am proud of ya.

    I rode in this morning – was lovely and cold.

  8. Well Clive, I have you to thank (blame) for me starting my blog. I came across your blog just as I started cycling and the rest is history. Well done.

    I cycled in this morning with some ungritted road without any problems. Took the MTB though. Today was only -1.2c but my coldest so far was last week, -3.3c. We must be brave or stupide or both!

  9. Well done Clive….

    I’m sorta missing not getting out on the bike as much….god I hate the winter 😦

  10. Hi Clive

    Well done on both your weight loss and your blogging. I have just spent some time re-reading a lot of your posts and seeing your progress and the effort you have put in is inspirational! Especially for someone just starting out like me.

    Congratulations and keep it up!



  11. Yes, thank you for the mighty fine blogging, always enjoy your sight.

  12. Thanks all, as always I appreciate the comments and the support! It’s what keeps me going!

  13. Congrats mate, enjoyed it ?

    Thanks for the mention


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