A series of milestones…

Phew, what a week. It was hard going, especially with it being cold which brings on an urge to eat crap unfortunately, but I resisted and was really good and kept everything as it should be. My excercises were done religiously after every pedal and I pedalled for 5 days this week.

This morning was a bit of a problem, my inner wimp was giving it loads, but I managed to beat him and get out for a 22 miler around the cut and Alvechurch.

Route here:


This was taken just before dawn by Bittell Reservoir this morning.

The milestones are these:

I reached the 6 stones weightloss at my weigh in, cracked the 5000 miles pedalled with 5127 miles and completed Phill’s Nov 100 with 106 miles and a total of 492.45 miles! I’m leading the total mileage so far, but I know JB will have something to say about that!

To say I’m chuffed would be something of an understatement, when I look back to June 09 and how I looked and my pedalling capabilities or lack of, I don’t recognise myself now.

If you’re reading this and struggling a bit or thinking of starting a weight loss program, then just do it! There’s never a right time to start, I know, I spent 10 years waiting for the right time. There’s always some more urgent priority for our time, a reason to wait “until next week, next month” or whatever. But it’s not until you’re a fair way in to it and you start to feel the benefit of it that you realise it’s perhaps the most important thing you can do for yourself and more importantly your family.

Remember Henry Ford’s saying – “Whether you say you can’t or whether you say you can, you’re probably right!”


9 responses to “A series of milestones…

  1. Fantastic work Clive. You’re a shining example and proof that you don’t have to be a gym whippet to see real results by just making an effort.
    p.s. You should move the comment link to below yer posts! 😉

  2. Now THAT’s something to be thankful for. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday the same way we do. Congratulations!!

  3. Thanks fellers!

    @Phill, can’t work out how to move it mate, been all over my dashboard and I can’t find how! /IT DUMMY

  4. Well done, you’re turning into a terrific role model for the rest of us wannabe achievers. Thinking of the 39 stone cyclist’s latest T-shirt logo, I have one for you:-



  5. Thanks mate. Appreciate it. I love Gaz’s Lance T Shirt, I’ve ordered one.

    I’m a sucker for motivational cliches! Must be the old recruiting Corporal in me!

  6. Well done Clive, you are an inspiration to all us lardy arse’s out here, you lead the way we will follow

  7. Well done on all those milestones, it’s been a great journey with you.

  8. Well done dude…Finally some competition 🙂

  9. However hard it’s been you’ve never given up. There’s been some ups and downs but hopefully the weight will continue to fall with the miles you put in.

    Congratulations Clive!

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