Working from  home today as the Spawn of Satan has a very bad cold and is too ill for Nursery. So I did my 20 miler to Edgbaston Tunnel and back via NCR5 and the canal starting at 0500hrs. It was bloody freezing! -3 and my toes were dropping off with the cold after about 15 miles.

Dan won’t be better tomorrow so it’ll be more of the same. Only a different route. I’m thinking Alvechurch, The Lickey’s and the canal for about 25 miles. Hope it’s a tad warmer.

Weigh in tomorrow, I’m hoping the static weight thing has stopped. Been very good with the grub, the pedalling and my excercises all week again.


4 responses to “-3

  1. -3 here this morning also, won’t be commuting for my nightshift tonight, because, I fear there will be ice out there again tomorrow morning. Taking the Subway to Halfords this afternoon, I’ve got two broken spokes and a bad buckle in the back wheel. Excellent mileage you’re achieving. Cheers.

  2. Yikes….you’re a tough man to be out there. I’m looking forward to your weigh in results tomorrow. Keep it going, my friend.


  3. That’s good commitment to riding there. I don’t know if I’d have done that if I didn’t have to commute.

    It was warm here this morning on my ride in. Only 0C

  4. Thanks for the comments fellers. Just got to keep on keeping on!

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