Ice Station Zebra

As predicted by the Met boys, we have another cold snap, I was doing a pretty good impression of a Soviet Ice Breaker around Murmansk, pedalling through the frozen puddles on the cut this morning. That description is quite apt as I have all the manoverability of an Ice Breaker!

I decided to use my gears again on the way home yesterday rather than single speed it. That resulted in a 10 minute time saving although predictably at the cost of a more erratic HR reading.

I had the same time saving this morning too. It was fun going as fast as I can again though!

So far I haven’t suffered from cold toes. I have my Aldi cycling socks on, then my Sealskinz waterproof socks, my new cycling shoes and finally my overshoes. All of that seems to be doing the job. The test will be if the temperature dips to what it did last winter. My record was -7 which resulted in a bit of frost nip on my nose. I don’t mind the cold, but I hope it doesn’t get that cold this winter!


3 responses to “Ice Station Zebra

  1. My ears are still sensitive to the cold after being frost nipped last year!

    I’ve decided to pack the bikes away this year and stick to commuting in the car. I might still get out now and then at the weekend but I wont be doing much riding.

  2. Thought there’d be ice on the roads today, but it was mild here in South Wales, and I was able to do my commute, back in my 21st gear(singlespeeding) OK. Started to get chillier this evening, even in the bright sunlight. Oh yeah! to the hopes for no minus temperatures this winter.

  3. Clive,
    I thought I was the only one who remembered “Ice Station Zebra!”

    Well done on your life and all. And thanks so much for being so supportive of me on my silly blog.

    All the best.

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