Mechanical failure in the offing?

I fear my Dear Old Ridgeback’s freehub pawls are on the way out, when I’m pedalling hard up a slope the chain feels like it slips and there’s a horrible crunching noise from the rear wheel. They are the 20 year old originals so I can’t moan too much. I think I may have to press wifey’s Specialized Rockhopper into service until my Charge Mixer bowls up via the Cycle to Work Scheme. Our Accounts Department here at work haven’t processed the paperwork yet! I did tell my Financial Director I’d like it before Christmas! But I guess it’s just not a priority.

I’m certainly not going to use my road bike if I can help it over the winter, I’d quite like to keep that as pristine as possible for when the weather gets better. Anyway, I don’t think road bikes are designed for the winter. They die quicker than MTBs!

Over the weekend I’ll get all the points of contact off the Ridgeback and get them onto the Rockhopper, along with my heavy duty inner tubes and Schwalbe tyres. I’ll have to get some new mudguards too, the ones on my Ridgeback are definately past their best!

My ride home yesterday was done in steady rain and a flooded towpath, that’s ok, I don’t mind that, at least the wind had dropped somewhat so it wasn’t too bad.

That was all bikey stuff wasn’t it? Onto all things fat and weight loss. A good week pedalling and excercising so far and I’ve been good with the grub too. Weigh in tomorrow, looking to see a downward trend after the static reading last week.


2 responses to “Mechanical failure in the offing?

  1. Have a look at superstar components for a new wheel – very competitively priced compared to the normal names. I have a set, wither superleggera 120point hub, on the MTB and they are superb. They get the price down by less people making a profit, not through less quality.

    Charge Mixer will be great. Did you go geared or ss in the end? I have a Cotic roadrat now. Well more accurately I have a frame and a pile of bits!

    Good luck with the weigh-in, I’ve fallen off the rails but about to start again.

  2. I’ve gone 8 speed hub mate. I have plans for Ridgeback, it’ll involve a recondition and a rebuild over time. Not too worried about new wheels at the moment although I’ll keep Superstar in mind for when the time comes.

    I’ll look forward to piccies of the Roadrat as and when!

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