Hazy Shade of Winter

As I was pedalling this morning I kept hearing a clanking sound, I was positive it was the sound of a Brass Monkey’s balls falling off! Very cold again with a severe frost, but I’m assured that we have warmer weather tomorrow, accompanied by gales and heavy rain! Nice…

My new cycling shoes appeared yesterday and I fitted the cleats here at work and used them on the way home. First impressions are they look and feel very good quality, the cleats fitted easily enough and after reading the forums I tightened the screws that fill the hole where the front studs go for serious off roading because they’re delivered loose, and they were! I used my old shoes as a pattern to get the cleats roughly right, but I knew that a bit of tweaking would be required to get them dead right.

Fit is just ok, I think the heel cup needs to be deeper as my heel is moving up and down when I’m walking in them, seems ok on the bike though, I went for a 44 as I have short but very wide feet. I take a 42 normal shoe. We all know that cycling kit is made for tall thin folks, short fatties like me struggle to get usefully fitting cycling kit. But mend and make do eh?

On the bike they are very stiff, even more stiff than my 11 year old Shimanos, which were state of the art when I got them. But as predicted the cleats did need adjusting after my ride home yesterday and my knees are now paying the price, I think one more tweak should do it after this morning’s pedal in.

A slight criticism, the soles while having a pretty aggressive tread pattern are very slippy as the tread is made of hard plastic rather than a rubberised compound like my old Shimanos. So it’s like walking on ice on hard surfaces. Not great!

But for the money, top kit. It just remains to be seen what they’re like for longevity.


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