Coldest pedal since the summer finished.

That was without doubt the coldest pedal so far since the summer came crashing to a halt. My back wheel was spinning out as I was pedalling up Cock Hill due to the ice. The path on NCR 5 was sparkling like a million diamonds in the beam of my front light and all you could hear on the towpath was the crunch of my wheels breaking the film of ice on the puddles from last week’s rain.

On the subject of the towpath, just as I was approaching Bournville Railway Station I saw about a 100 yards ahead a bit of a commotion on the path by the Station. First thoughts were Coppers and a body in the cut. Not uncommon, indeed there was one last Sunday I read in the paper. But as I got closer I could see they were Studenty type people about 20 to 30 of them plonking canoes in the canal ready to go a paddelling! “Good Morning” they said, in that cheery annoying naive way that Students do deliberately to piss me off even more when they’re around. All I could muster was “I don’t know who’s more mad, you or me?” That seemed to raise a giggle from them which pissed me off even more. As it’s Children in Need week here in the UK, I’m kind of guessing they were doing something for that. But as I never engage students in any kind of conversation what so ever, as they already know everything, I didn’t bother asking, but they were absolutely gagging to tell me!

Fay’s first Remembrance Parade went pretty well, even though it was freezing. The poor soul was as white a ghost and dithering when she’d finished, but at least she managed to stay upright unlike 2 of her comrades, one male NCO as well who keeled over and had to be led off from her Squadron.

A few piccies of the event here:

All in all a good day and the lass did her folks proud as did the rest of the Cadets on parade. It’s always good to see the Tabloid excesses of “the youth of today” can be kicked into touch as scaremongering for the feeble minded, when you see a group of smart well disciplined teenagers who just want to do something positive. Good stuff.


3 responses to “Coldest pedal since the summer finished.

  1. I didn’t ride today, ice on the ground and welshcyclist wimps out, better part of valour and all that. Three falls on ice is more than enough for me. How do you manage? Is it naivety on your part, or is it that you simply don’t have any fear of being slammed to the deck?

  2. I’ve come off twice due to ice down the towpath, but the secret (if there is one) is to not to tighten up, stay relaxed and ride straight. Usually works, never come off on the road though yet I don’t think. Maybe I have but I’ve forgotten!

  3. I wish I could forget my falls, it would free me up no end, but that’s life eh?

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