Weight Update

Static weight this week, tried to think what I did different. Basically one day less pedalling last Monday and I had porridge twice a day instead of the usual soup at lunchtime.

Wifey has already made soup for me for next week and it’ll be a full 5 days pedalling. Hopefully the bimbling along on my MTB in the correct HRZ for weight loss will give the proper downward trend.

Today is trying again to get tyres on the motor, bit of a fail on that score last week, then it’s a bit of Christmas shopping (don’t ask…sigh), Dan has a Birthday Party to attend at 1100hrs which is a Fireman theme (can’t wait…sigh), and finally I get some me stuff in the afternoon when I’m watching England v Australia in the Rugby. I can’t call that one, England should have the Aussies on toast up front, but the Aussie backs are on another planet and can seemingly score from anyway with hardly any possession. Should be a cracker!

Oh, and my pieces on Bike Radar are a bit like buses at the moment, none for ages then 2 come along at once!

New one here.


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