The North Wind doth blow!

Now that was a tad chilly this morning! A pretty strong North Wind, which is isn’t the norm, and as we all know here in the UK a North Wind equals bloody brass monkey weather! And to be fair, it didn’t disappoint, I have no idea what the actual temperature was but it definatley had an icey tinge to it!

But, apart from that, and me remembering my overshoes so I had dry feet, there was nothing to report on my NCR 5 and canal towpath commute in.

Yesterday’s pedal home was fun as well, the North Wind helping me along the final uphill 3 miles of my route home, which was nice, as there was some icey rain to contend with, just to test the old morale out.

I’m continuing the single speeding, indeed, I haven’t changed gear on a bike for 2 weeks now, I’m not sure what it is, but it makes it more fun, maybe it’s just less to think about, I dunno…

I did my usual upper body and core excercises when I got in, aided as usual by the Spawn of Satan, he’s getting pretty good at crunches and planks now, not sure if doing my excercises with me is to be recommended for a 3 year old, but try stopping him!

Grub yesterday was:

Breakfast – Porridge

Lunch – Porridge (wifey forgot to make soup this week).

Dinner – Chicken curry with rice.

Footage below of Brindley Place and Gas Street Basin taken this morning. It was an experiment to see just how good (or bad) my Muvi Helmet Cam was in the dark along the canal.

The canal either side of the City Centre was totally invisible, the clip below is the only bits usuable. Worth a go though.

Oh, have a click on this for me too please!

MADSEN Cargo Bikes

4 responses to “The North Wind doth blow!

  1. Hi Clive
    I enjoy following your blog. I too am larger than the average man at 5’8″ and 15 stone. Trying my best to slim down a bit (a lot really), but a lot is made up of lots of little bits. I understand how the icey rain feels had a good blast of it on my 4 mile commute home last night. No rain this morning just the icey wind. The video ride is interesting to watch if not a little strange without any perripheral vision. I struck me if you slip into that canal your feet are going to be wet!

  2. Hi Robin,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, I wish I was as “large” as you at 15 stones! I have a way to go before I’m there.

    The towpaths are pretty wide, I’ve never ever thought I’d end up in the cut. I hope that’s not tempting fate!

  3. Clive
    I noticed on one of your photos you ride a Giant Defy road bike. Which model do you have and whats it like. I’m looking for a new bike at the moment. I have a Trek 1000 which has always felt a little out of balance. The centre of gravity is too high with a guy of my size on it, which is a little worrying when cornering fast.

  4. I have a Giant Defy 2, I couldn’t comment on how it would be for you, but it does me perfectly well. It feels stable, even in the bends, but I’m a MTBer first and foremost so without wanting to big myself up, my bike handling is probably a bit better than the average roadie, and what feels skittish to them may well be perfectly ok for me.

    I did have a few wheel problems initially, but the shop sorted me a new and different set of wheels out FOC and I haven’t had a problem since.

    My advice to you would be to get a test ride and see what you think. Hope that helps!

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