A no pedalling day.

A busy day, (for a change).

New front tyres for the family car, then a walk along the cut with Dan and the hounds. Probably feed the ducks too.

Watch the rugby this afternoon from Twickenham. England v New Zealand. I’m just looking for us to be competitiave and not blown away. I’ll certainly take that. Can’t see a win in any shape or form though.

Then the Dodford Beer festival tonight. On the subject of the Dodford, the fireworks and Bonfire last night were brilliant. The rain didn’t put a damper on proceedings at all.


2 responses to “A no pedalling day.

  1. OK in my untrained sofa supporter of rugby eye, England let there heads drop after New Zealand opened the scoring, but they played there way back into the game and I think came away with a respectable score, no worse than anybody was expecting. I also watched the Ireland v South Africa match, Ireland never woke until about 12 minutes from the end, Think the final score belied the dominants that South Africa had in the match.

    I now await Clive’s professional verdict 🙂

  2. I recorded all three matches, hoping to be able to keep a classic to watch again and again. In the end I was able to watch Wales v Australia live and was disappointed, but also surprised that Wales ended up not so far away in points. Then I watched England v New Zealand, and once again was disappointed, and once more surprised that England weren’t so far away in points. Then had the same opinion about the game and result of Ireland v South Africa. Suffice it to say I deleted all recordings

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