Weekly update

A good week on all fronts this week, I pedalled 124 miles, 20 of which were actual leisure miles! They’re now in Phill’s Nov 100 sheet.

I’ve also shed 4Ibs this week which was good. I really think the change back to my Ridgeback commuter, towpathing it and NCR5ing it has given me a bit of kick start after a couple of tricky weeks. Maybe the heart rate weight loss zone thing actually works!

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle home, uphill, headwind and carrying my daysack all meant a hell of a workout. I was knackered when I got home. Then I had to do a swift ablute and change to get over to my Rugby Club to coach a session. It all went pretty well and we were issued our new kit which is all very cool with the new logo and branding on the gear.

Today I was up at the crack of sparrow fart to get in a cheeky 20 miles so I could crack on with the rest of the day knowing I’d done my stuff. The route I used was exactly the same as my commute only I just went as far as Edgbaston Tunnel which is exactly 10 miles, so a 20 mile return trip.

I cleaned my poor battered bike afterwards, which was in a very sorry state. Canal towpaths seem to get your bike dirtier than anything else.

I did my upper body work out afterwards, then got ready for walk with wifey over the bridleways around the back of Belbroughton with the hounds from hell.

A couple of pics of the Autuminal scenery.

Bonfire Night at the Dodford tonight. Should be a giggle!


One response to “Weekly update

  1. I hit the local towpath on the way home today, me and the Subway filthy. No time to clean it, have to be out early again tomorrow, have set the TV to record both rugby internationals in the afternoon. Crying shame that they’re being televised at the same time?

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