Long weekend

My last day here until Tuesday, I’m having a long weekend break, mainly to use my holidays up. But I’ll be getting a 20 miler in tomorrow morning, having a nice walk with wifey and the hounds afterwards, attending the Dodford’s Bonfire Night tomorrow evening with the family, then watching England v New Zealand Saturday afternoon in front of the telly and if that isn’t enough I’ll be back at the Dodford for their Beer festival with my mate Ski Saturday evening. Oh and not forgetting cleaning my poor Ridgeback which is unbelievably gopping after a weeks worth of towpath commuting. I think that’s enough to be going on with for now.

Yesterday’s pedal home was very wet and muddy as was this morning’s but with the added benefit of a really strong wind, sometimes it was with me, other times against me. I can never work the wind out. I think it just blows in the direction that will annoy me the most! I also had a very slow speed off this morning pedalling over a bridge to change sides of the canal, slippery leaves, very tight turn and accidentally locking your front brake will do that! No harm done other than getting slightly more dirty than normal.

Did my work out when I got in, I’m keeping that going.

Food for yesterday:

Breakfast – Porridge

Lunch – Butternut Squash soup

Dinner – Beef Stew

I have to finish with an unashamedly proud moment for me. Nothing to do with pedalling but it needs to be put in here for posterity.

My daughter Fay’s first night at the Air Cadets in uniform and just maybe if she sticks to her plan the start of the rest of her life. As I’ve said before, my family has a tradition of military service, my Granddad, my Dad, my brother and me have all served and it seems Fay wants to keep that fine and honourable tradition alive. I know she’s still young and could very well change her mind, but I’m enjoying this in the moment!

One response to “Long weekend

  1. That’s the weekend sorted then, have a great one, good luck to England and Wales. After watching the All Blacks versus Australia on the box last weekend, they’ll both need it. That game was so intense, I’m far from hopeful about either home countries’ chances. You have every right to be such a proud dad.

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