Alone again (Naturally)

Another dose of solitude along NCR5 and the cut this morning, not a soul around apart from yours truly. The benefits of a 0500hrs start and a route cars can’t travel on. Very wet and muddy though.

Yesterday’s pedal home was only interrupted by some sort of film production in Gas Street Basin which sent me into Gas Street itself and I got back on the cut about 200 yards further along by the new registry office. I hadn’t a clue what the filming was about.

I also had a go at singlespeeding on the way home, I chose what I thought was a suitable cog to turn and kept it in that gear the whole way (thanks to The Welsh Cyclist for the idea) I did the same on the way here today too, seemed to go ok. Maybe a hub geared bike isn’t necessary for my commute along the towpath and NCR5 after all! Dont ask me what the ratio was though, it was the big ring at the front and one of the middle rings at the back. I can count them if any one is that anal!

I did my work out when I got home, 25 press ups, 25 crunches, 30 second plank and 30 bicep curls. That is making a difference, especially as I started on 10 reps of each and a 20 second plank.

Food was:

Breakfast a bowl of porridge

Lunch Wifey’s homemade Butternut Squash soup

Dinner, sausage egg and homemade chips, not too many chips!

Footage below of the filming on Gas Street Basin, excuse the tuneless whistling while I’m pedalling, I don’t even know I’m doing it!


9 responses to “Alone again (Naturally)

  1. Thats cool. Shame you didnt have the time to stop around and see what it was, but the bypass route looked like you cut off the corner anyway – probably only seconds in it.

    I have to admit you’re definitely going for broke on the weight loss and you’ve got my deepest respect for what you’re doing & continued perseverence mate.

  2. I was out at the mailbox 2 weeks ago and they were filming a new series of Hustle

    This guy

    Was standing on the bridge between the cube and the mailbox.

    I’d be amazed if they weren’t filming the same thing.

  3. @ KFS ta mate, much appreciated.

    @ Rich, thanks for the comment and the info, never watched Hustle. Any good?

  4. @Clive
    I never watched it either to be honest but i did recognise Robert Vaughn when i walked past. I may keep an eye out when it’s next on to see when the B’ham episode is on.

  5. I always like watching your helmet cam videos. Too bad the camera couldn’t film in the dark because it would be cool to watch you cycle through the solitude in the early morning.


  6. Good going, your discipline keeps growing, impressive.

  7. Heh if I saw Robert Vaughan I’d have asked him how Ilya Kuryakin was doing…but then Im old enough to remember The Man From UNCLE.

  8. They were filming a Bollywood film between the NIA and Sealife Centre last Friday, with 2 jetskis! and near the Town Hall yesterday.

  9. That’d probably be it then. Bollywood eh?

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