Did my weigh in yesterday, a static result which I’ll take considering I’ve been ill and missed a weeks pedalling.

A good night last night at the Dodford Inn, Richard had some cracking beers on I had one too many, plus they had Spoz and Dave playing a gig. I used to work with Spoz at Longbridge at MG Rover, cracking bloke and a bloody entertaining gig as usual. A thick head this morning though.

Today is about keeping about keeping the Spawn of Satan entertained as the girls are off to an antiques fair at the NEC with the Mum in Law. Probably do some visiting I think. Plus my bike needs a bloody good clean after a weeks commuting in the wet.

Also noticed I’ve cracked 4000 commuting miles this week too at a grand total of 4004!


3 responses to “Weekend

  1. cracking commuting miles matey 🙂 as for keeping the child quiet, how about pumpkin carving… it is what Im going to do with mine later

  2. Why did you have to mention beer? I’ve just come back from a leisure pedal, 15 miles, took loads of photos on this glorious autumn morning. One major setback, I forgot to set the recorder for the Australia v. New Zealand game that kicked off at 09.30 today……..doah!

  3. Keep on racking them up, Clive. You’re doing amazing.


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