A difficult weekend and now a potentially difficult week ahead. I have what can only be described as a “can’t be arsed” head on. I’m tired and just wish I could spend the next 2 or 3 days in bed.

The weekend was wonderful weather, I really should have gone out for a pedal on my MTB, but I just didn’t feel like it, especially yesterday, the air was still and the sky hadn’t got a cloud in it. But I just couldn’t be bothered. I didn’t even do my core and upper body stuff.

I just wanted to sit on my arse and do f*** all in peace and quiet. But of course, that option was a non starter with all of my family responsibilities.

I even had stuff coming at me from left field too of which I won’t bore you with but annoyed the hell out me.

So on to today’s pedal in, apart from every traffic light being against me on the way in (ain’t that always the way) it was pretty non eventful, oh, apart from a Mini only just about screeching to a halt as he entered an island as he only saw me at the last minute. That concentrated my mind a tad.

I hope I start to feel more up for the battle as the week progresses, ‘cos at the moment I just can’t be arsed…


9 responses to “Difficult…

  1. Some days a duvet day can be just whats needed.

  2. We all get weekends, even weeks like that, but nothing to worry about. I had a great weekend, but feel very guilty, no pedalling at all involved. Went to a wedding in Surrey, family responsibilities eh? Nights today, so looking forward to the commute in this evening, Keep your chin up Clive.

  3. If you don’t have the lows, how will you ever know you’re on the highs?

  4. Hey up Rafe, very true mate, even me, “Mr Positive and Mr optimistic” can’t be life and soul all the while.

    Just feel knackered…

    How you doing anyway? No Blog of late I’ve noticed, tut tut… 😉

  5. I think it’s a good idea that you took time off on the weekend. Going at it too much can burn you out. Your restful weekend should help you stay motivated for the weeks ahead.


  6. Weird, I had a similar weekend. Gorgeous weather Sunday but I just couldn’t get off of my fat posterior to ride or do anything else productive.

  7. Give yourself a break, you have been pounding way at a fast pace for over a year, of course you are going to have an oh sod it days. Remember you have pushed yourself into cycling everyday now and coming into the worst time of year, so you may not want to get on the bike again at the weekend.

    Life is a balance and it is not an easy balance to find or control

  8. @Clive
    No blog because, quite simply, I don’t have enough spare time time and writing a blog just doesn’t give me the ROI I want plus I spend too much time in front of a computer as it is.

    However, I read yours (and numerous others) every day.

  9. Its all metabollics mate – in both senses of the word. Ive read before about people who change their diets, even only a small amount, can have a change in the chemical balance of the body which affects the general feeling you have. Might sound like mumbo jumbo but you’ll pull through it it you keep at it and feel better the other side.

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