Taking a day off…

I was planning on a pedal this morning, but I woke feeling a bit weary in the legs and with an aching back so I decided to knock everything on the head and rest. Don’t forget “rest” is training!

Well, I say rest, but I’ve just come back from a walk into Rubery with Dan to get some breakfast and pretty soon we’ll be making some bread. Wifey and daughter have gone into Worcester to do clothes shopping.  I thought it best to steer away big style!

Yesterday’s pedal home was a very slow one, there was a head wind and I was pedalling with my daysack on which was pretty loaded, I weighed it while I weighed me when I got in, 40Ibs! No wonder it was slow and my back is aching this morning!

As for me, I was static in the old weight department, but not to worry, I can actually see my shoulder and arms coming back with my upper body and core work out. So my muscle mass is increasing. Also yet another belt hole had to be made yesterday too. All good.

I’ll be watching some rugby on Sky this afternoon, the Heineken European Cup is on. That’s me sorted.

Food yesterday:

Brunch – Cheese on toast

Dinner – Egg and chips (wifey’s homemade chips)

3 pints at the Dodford. They were serving a beer called “Ronnies Owd Cock” The opportunities for gutter humour were limitless, the banter did fly! A good evening…


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