More of the same…

Yesterday’s pedal home was a standard jobby, nothing to report, apart from beating the 2 buses I overtook at Selly Oak. I was expecting to be battling with them on the stretch towards Northfield but I never saw them again. Which was nice.

I did my upper body and core stuff when I got in, that’s starting to be a habit now. I had to remember to do the work out at first, now I just pile straight in almost without thinking about it.

Food for yesterday:

Breakfast – 2 Shredded Wheat

Lunch – Wifey’s homemade pumpkin soup

Dinner – Beef pie and veg

Evening snack – 4 oranges

I was feeling particulary hungry last night and it took all of my will power not to succumb to temptation. Especially when wifey made herself some cheese on toast and very helpfully offered me some. Thankfully I found it with in myself to refuse with good grace!

This morning’s pedal was quite cold, but nothing to report, the journey down the Bristol Road and through 5 Ways passed without incident.


4 responses to “More of the same…

  1. Will power of steel…..I could NEVER turn down cheesy Toe…

  2. Well done Clive 🙂 especially not being tempted by wifey keep it up mate your doing great

  3. Well done on the will power, never had pumpkin soup, what’s that like?

  4. Thanks fellers, t’was hard as I could have eaten a scabby horse last night.

    @ Welshie, I can tell you how to make it and that’s it’s pretty tasty, but my descriptive skills don’t stretch to tasting notes!


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