Thursday already?

Yesterday’s pedal home was done in a howling head wind, but it was sunny. The head wind resulted in my lowest ever average speed for my road bike, that of a shameful 11mph, but it’s mostly uphill home so add the head wind and that equals a good work out. In theory.

A nice still clear day here this morning and it was pleasant to pedal in without a wind and staying dry as well was a bonus. I ordered some new overboots yesterday from Amazon. These little blighters.

£11.99 of my hard earned to keep my feet extra dry and toastie through the oncoming onslaught of winter. I deliberately went for an overshoe with a velcro closure at the back as my Endura overshoes were zipped and the zip kept failing. This was largely in part due to my lower calves which are a tad bigger than the average cyclist. I’m not bigging my muscles up here by the way, it’s just that my build is short and fat.

Segueing nicely onto fat, or that of losing it by strict food discipline, my grub yesterday was as follows:

Breakfast – 2 Shredded Wheat

Lunch – Sorrell and Watercress soup

Dinner – Bacon, Leek and Mushrooms on toast. 

Evening snack – 4 Oranges.

The dinner sounds a bit of a snack and not a proper dinner. There is a reason for that, we had to get a wiggle on last night as our older Lurcher Eddie has had his toe amputated due to a cancerous lump Wifey found the other day, we had to get him to the vets to get his dressing changed, then we had to get back, get fed, then get our daughter to Air Cadets. All in all the usual hectic Chapman existence.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot, I did my upper body, core excercises too, my lower Abs are in bits now. Hello Abs, I remember you…


5 responses to “Thursday already?

  1. I can’t get overshoes big enough for my Tuf boots, that I use for cycling, but when I used cycling specific shoes I had a pair, the zips were bummers. And anyway, because I didn’t clip into my pedals the water would come through the soles. What’s with the 4 oranges each evening?

  2. The Oranges are a placebo Welshie, it allows to me eat and therefore kids me into suppressing my supposed appetite. Better them than a kebab eh?

    Also as very much a secondary benefit they’re good for me and the extra Vitamin C can’t do any harm can it?

  3. What am I saying? They’re clearly not “better” than a kebab, but you know what I mean!

  4. I’m not looking forward to rides that are cold / wet enough to warrent over shoes.

  5. Dude

    Yesterday I had a head wind on the way home, it was like hell on earth, to make things worse , a friend of mine ( Tommo) dropped me and I couldn’t even muster the power to sit on his back wheel, Ok yes I am injured (Hamstrings) , but still, was humiliating.

    Whats my point ?

    The wind yesterday was a BITCH 🙂

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