The Post with no title…

Creativity running a bit low this morning. I couldn’t for the life of me think of a title for today’s entry. So I didn’t bother. Lazy writing sorry.

Anyway, yesterday’s pedal home went ok, bright sunlight, pretty warm. The weather needs to make up its mind. I just don’t know what to wear! I only had one skirmish with a number 61 bus just before I got home. The driver backed off very quickly when I helpfully pointed to my helmet cam, funny that. No footage though, I’ve just checked the clip and the camera had stopped at Northfield. Oh well.

I got in and did my upper body stuff, press ups, sit ups, planks and bicep curls. I found my free weights when I cleaned the garage out on Saturday. My arms and shoulders are in a shockingly bad state. I need to get them sorted.

Journey in today was without incident, a bit damp under tyre, it had obviously rained overnight. Still pretty warm though.

Just to keep focus on the grub, my food yesterday was as follows:

Breakfast, 2 shredded wheat.

Lunch, wifey’s homemade Sorrell and Watercress soup.

Dinner, a bowl of pasta, with tomato sauce.

I’ll be listing my meals every day now. Got to keep on top of the grub. This might be the way forward.


11 responses to “The Post with no title…

  1. Wholemeal pasta I hope 🙂

    What concerns me about you giving up your car is how you’re going to cope in the depths of Winter with ice and snow on the ground. MTB’s are great but can surely only cope with so much.

    I guess with the cash you got for the car you could go for a Pugsley or something like that with fatboy tyres, but a foot of snow still isn’t a laughing matter.

  2. Mate, I pedalled through the worst winter in a generation last winter. Ok it’s not pleasant granted, but it’s do-able. As for the cash for another bike, you’d best speak to the Chancellor of the Chapman exchequer…

  3. I’ve been doing a TERRIBLE job of dieting. I will be keenly watching your meal list for inspiration / to see where i’m going wrong.

  4. I don’t think it’s what you eat so much as how much you eat. That’s my problem… 😦

  5. When I’m on my twelfth Kit Kat I’ll try to remember that 🙂

  6. P.S I think your link to Emma’s blog is duff. It sends me to some music site

  7. Do you mean the link on my Blogroll on the right? If so it works ok for me mate, just tried it…

  8. Having a food journal is a very, very good idea. I’m glad that you’ve started posting your intake.

    I’ve had a drink made from Sorrel, but never soup…..I’m sure it is very good.


  9. @Clive

    Yup the right hand list – it still takes me to some music site. Might be a problem with your or my cache.

  10. That’s what I call counting the calories, I’m starving just reading your lunch menu there, three courses, but three meals for the day, your self control is fantastic.

    KungFooSausage makes a good point, I try to commute through all weathers, but when the ice is on the ground I have to call it a day, because broken bones will probably follow.

  11. Clive :
    I don’t think it’s what you eat so much as how much you eat. That’s my problem…

    I think you’re spot in with that.

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