Here we go then.

My first commute by bike without the “safety net” of a car. I spoke yesterday about how liberating it felt seeing it being driven away and knowing for work my only real option is the bike. Forget buses and trains. You can do Rubery to Smethwick by bus or train, but what a palaver! That was never even a consideration. Maybe Local Town transportation planners need to know that?

It wasn’t anything I could put my finger on, but this morning’s pedal in did feel different somehow. Maybe it was a change in mindset, maybe it was being free of a car or just maybe I hadn’t woken up yet.

Amongst all of this “Car free Utopian dream” please remember that we do still have a family car. The only “truth” is, is that it will never be an option for me for work due to the kids need’s. I’ll still have access to it during the evenings and weekends.

I was overtaken this morning coming in by the Production Manager here at my company. I wasn’t too long behind him getting to Smethwick, he knew it was me and he gave me a bit of confidence ref my visibility in the dark. He said he saw me a long time before he got to me due to my Hi Vis jacket, Hi Vis daysack cover (thanks Joby) and various flashing LEDs. That’s good to know.

So onto the main reason for this Blog, that of weight loss. I’ve just updated the weight graph in my office. It now shows a 1Ib rise from August to October. That didn’t feel good. It won’t be happening again…


15 responses to “Here we go then.

  1. Clive, when I knew the weight loss operation was no longer an option for me, the cycle the next day felt weird, I think its just our minds saying, ok, today everything changes, that gives it that new feeling, for me, it only last a couple of days, and look at me now I have today finally dropped into the 16stone category, still a few stone to go before im happy, but its done wonders for me, Im sure your changes will do the same for you !

  2. Maybe you’re right mate. Cracking news on the 16 st! I’m 2 Ibs away. Won’t be long.

  3. Just wanted to wish you all the best. I’m secretly highly jealous. I still absolutely HATE driving to work.

  4. Ta mate! 🙂

  5. Although have got my car I use it quite rarely these days I use to say the thing I would hate about not having a car was getting shopping but you know what I use my bike for that these days. The pleasure I get from cycling through the traffic jams is immeasurable 🙂

    Good luck with your weight loss you will do it Clive I have no doubt.

  6. No problem, but its my missus you have to thank 🙂

    I’m always worried about visibility in the dark – can be a dangerous place in the mornings and evenings at the best of times.

    And good luck with getting back on track. Both you and MrG are now lighter than when I was when I first started cycling.

  7. Cheers you two. Appreciate it! 🙂

  8. Good job on the visibility. Me too. I really push the “trying to be seen”
    Flashing lights and neon almost hurts your eyes yellows.
    Good job Clive on the weight and biking.

  9. I can recommend this backpack cover:

    Also, if you’ve got the $$$, maybe look at Altura Evo Night Vision. I have a black one, but my wife assures me that you can see me from a mile away because the lights of the cars just bounce off the high vis strips (plus it keeps you very dry 🙂 )

  10. Thanks Davey.

    Ta for the heads up Jobywoby, I’ll have a nose. Funds a bit tight at the mo though.

  11. Yup, I know the feeling. Plus, I gave U the wrong link – I don’t have a lighted version 🙂

  12. Good attitude, Clive. Don’t even think about that one pound…focus on all those that you’ve lost.

    It looks like you’re all set for a whole lot more great commuting…keep up the great work.


  13. Not to worry, I know the one, I remember one of your piccies in a press article last year I think. You looked like a Mad Max type cycling Ninja!

  14. Thanks Darryl! 🙂

  15. @Clive
    Ha ha!
    Yup – thats the one. It glows like nobodies business.

    Anyway, the link I sent you was for a hump backpack cover. They glow in daylight!

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