Gloves are off.

That’s my car sold then. We’re now a one car family. My bike is now my only form of transport to and from work.

As I said yesterday, if I need to go on a site visit or a meeting then it’s works problem to supply transport. Use of a vehicle isn’t mentioned anywhere in my contract as I’m primarily office based.

To be honest, it has sat on the drive doing pretty much bugger all for last few months. Wifey’s car is used when a family trip is required. I’ll need her car for my coaching though. That might be a bone of contention down the line. Watch this space.

When it was driven away yesterday it felt kind of liberating. Another bit of clutter gone from my life. It inspired me to clean the garage out. I sorted my bike kit out in there and did some tidying. 6 black bags of general crap for the bin men and a load of kit for wifey’s car boot trip and Ebay.

Then it was road bike cleaning. The weeks wet commuting had really took its toll. But clearing the garage out had an unexpected bonus. I found a bottle of Motorcycle cleaner (like supercharged Muck Off) and a new bottle of chain de-greaser. My road bike cleaning time was halved! But as I was cleaning the cassette and derailleurs I was thinking wistfully about the hub geared Charge Mixer 8.

Weather today? Less said the better. Looking forward to wifey’s slow cooked brisket for Sunday dinner. Also some homemade Sorrell and Watercress soup. That’s my soup for weeks lunch too, lovely!


8 responses to “Gloves are off.

  1. Well that was quick! As you say, no going back now. That liberated feeling, must be great, even if her indoors had her own transport, I doubt I’d have the bottle to let mine go. Talking about garages, well shed, in my case, I’m going to get another shot of the inside, it’s like Ali Baba’s cave, there’s so much in it, I got an even bigger soaking earlier, so there’s a contraption set up, to try and dry my kit.

  2. Well done with selling the car, a huge and brave step.

    Winter is on its way, got cold feet when out on a weekend cycle ride 😦

  3. I went car free last winter. – BIG MISTAKE.

    Cycling everyday in the summer wasn’t too bad. In the winter some days were just horrible. plus trying to keep ontop of keeping all the lights charged and your cycling kit clean and dry seemed like a never ending task.

  4. Thanks for that mate. Anything else you want to add? πŸ˜‰

  5. On the plus side cycling was still always preferable to standing for 15mins trying to defrost the car!

  6. I’m not there yet Clive, but you’re an inspiration and I look forward to see how it plays out.

  7. I don’t think I could sell my car but I use it a hell of a lot less now. I wouldn’t like to try my first winter cycling season without a car. You’ve got experience Clive.

    We also only have one car as my wife doesn’t drive so holidays etc would be quite difficult without a car.

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