Update. As predicted.

So yesterday, the instrument of truth delivered its verdict. A 1Ib rise. That’s over two months. I was expecting a rise as in my heart of hearts I know I’ve taken my eye off the ball with the grub. I know it’s only a pound, but a pound here and a pound there leads back to where I came from.

Holidays and stuff is no excuse. But the biggest issue here is my thought process. It was all about the bike and lack of food discipline. Now (I hope ‘cos you can never tell) I’ve done a re-evaluation and done a bit of switch flicking in the old brain. Don’t worry I’m not panicking just yet!

The other thing is that I’ve taken the huge step of deciding to sell my car. We’ll still have a car as we’ll have wifey’s, but no car for me means I’ll be pedalling into work every day come what may. Any meetings I have to attend will be my company’s problem as to how I get there.

So that’s where I am at the moment. This is about weight loss, not fitness or pedalling, which is now relegated to a handy by-product.

I must mention yesterday’s pedal home, wet, windy, very wet and very windy in fact. Did I mention it was wet and windy? But perversely, quite enjoyable. I did have pity for a bloke on a GT MTB battling up the hill into Northfield. He was out of the saddle going nowhere fast. I reckon he was doing about 4mph the wind was that strong. But he was in normal day clothes and shoes, no hat, no waterproof gear not even gloves. He was saturated, as I went past him I said “alright mate” as is my usual greeting to a fellow cyclist, he responded with a mega pissed off “No I’m not, f***ing ‘orrible this…”


2 responses to “Update. As predicted.

  1. That is a mega step/decision, selling your car. I’ve seen bloggers in the USA do it, but it seems easier over there. We’ve only the one car, her indoors doesn’t drive, I admire your dedication and committment. I’m afraid I still haven’t got control of the ball here vis a. vis eating, I’ve got to do some flick switching of my own, to use your mantra, “this is about weightloss.” By the way, I love cycling in the rain, thanks for calling me perverse!

  2. I find it really annoying when I do a load of exercise and lose nothing or gain. For me, diet is more important than exercise. Discipline really, like you say. I’m trying to be disciplined and it helps.
    @welshcyclist I think getting rid of a car in the US would be really difficult compared to here. Their roads are appalling. Not built for anything but cars. Public transport where I’ve been is rubbish. And there’s a real stigma attached with using the PT. That’s just where I’ve been though.
    We only have one car, but I work at home and the train station is about 3 mins from our door. And we have no kids. And 3 mins from 2 supermarkets. I do sometimes think about getting rid though.

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