1, 2, 3, 4, cluck cluck!

That’d me counting my chickens then. It looks like (whisper it quietly) that I may be getting a full week of biking to and from work. As it stands at the moment I’m not anticipating any ambushes. But there’s still today to go.

Yesterday’s pedal home was again in a complete torrential downpour. Not too much wind though which is always my main dislike. I had to chuckle to myself pedalling through Northfield, (which without wanting to sound like a complete snob ain’t the greatest place on Earth for examples of outdoorsy type healthy folk), I was being stared at from bus shelters and shop doorways like I was an Alien. You could see them thinking “What the f**k is that fat bloke doing pedalling in this weather?” In all fairness I tend to ask myself that at 0530hrs of an Autumninal morning, but no-one said I was sane.

A beautiful gin clear sky this morning though. A nice bracing temperature as well. Just right for blowing the cobwebs away. I’m still in shorts, absolutely refusing to give way just yet to the elements. Wifey hates this time of year as it’s one of the rare occasions that I put my foot down on a subject. “No! We’re not having the heating on, it’s still bloody September! Wait until October!” To say she can’t wait until tomorrow would be something of an understatement.

But fellers, what are they like for having the house too hot? (Lights blue touch paper and retires).


4 responses to “1, 2, 3, 4, cluck cluck!

  1. I have a new bike (will blog later) and next week i will be commuting to work. As I will be riding you can expect next weeks weather to be absolutely dreadfull.

  2. Thanks for that mate, can’t you stop at home?

  3. I am in your camp regards the heating and to be honest so is wifey, we normally hang it out until end of October.

    I am riding this weekend, will certainly be in shorts although I am considering fitting the mud tyres!!

  4. My wife’s not too bad about the heating. Last year I didn’t put it on until December. It’s been on this week for a couple of days, but it was -2C outside!

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