Spice it up!

I’ve been pounding the same old routes to and from work a lot lately so yesterday I decided to take my own advice (for a change) and cycle a slightly different way home. Nothing too outlandish but just enough to keep me from falling asleep seeing the same old roads and junctions.

On the subject of yesterday’s pedal home, 2 tin boxes were punched for driving too close to me, a Black Ford Focus in Edgbaston and a Silver Jaguar in Weoley Castle. Neither had the decency to stop and question why I had assaulted their vehicles. I hope I dented them!

The route home was via the lanes around Bartley Reservoir which meant I had to pedal up over Frankley Beeches from an even lower point! Am I an idiot or what?

A roadie pulled out of Scotland Lane about 50 yards in front of me just before the climb started. A proper roadie, he looked about 8 stones (112Ibs) dripping wet, on what looked like a Carbon Cannondale. Ok, I should have known better, I knew how quickly he’d fly up the climb, I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance and I knew I’d metaphorically die trying. But what can you do? I’m wired that way.

I got my head down and gained about 25 yards on the remaining flat, he heard me, looked over his shoulder and I’m surprised he didn’t die laughing, nice of him that he didn’t. He was in his mid 20s by the way. “Tough climb this mate” said roadie and he was away out of the saddle. I hung on to him without losing any distance for about 10 yards. That was the last I saw of him. 46 years old, 17 stones (238Ibs), entry level road bike should not be taking on what looked like a mega equipped Club Cyclist.

Lesson learned? I doubt it…

The pedal in this morning was unfortunately a small taste of what’s to come, very wet. Waterproof jacket and socks wet in fact.

I changed the pedal route to Quinton and Bearwood to add variety again. No-one tried to kill me which was nice.

Below is a test film from a MTB ride over the Waseley’s I edited using some free software, Windows Movie doesn’t do MP4, this stuff does.


12 responses to “Spice it up!

  1. One day young Clive, you will overtake that roadie, turn round and say “not so tough climb mate” I’m sure 🙂

  2. On Monday night I was out on a bling carbon bike with carbon wheels (the only one I have).
    A guy MTB appeared behind, He was out of the saddle and clearly pedalling madly to try and catch me.

    I started to back off to make things a bit easier for him. I was tired and aching and allowing him to pass me would probably make his night. He got to within 3-4m and then I noticed what looked like a camera ontop of his helmet.

    One thing is being passed by a MTB, another is being filmed. I changed my mind about being passed and put some effort in.

  3. You’re a bad lad Red…

  4. No matter how strong or fast we get, there is ALWAYS someone around the next bend who is stronger and faster. It keeps us humble.

    When you shoot the movie of yourself on the MTB, do you have an assistant operating the camera for you, or do you simply place the camera to set up the shot then ride towards it?

  5. Place the camera and ride through the shot Mike. Or it’s my helmet cam doing the footage. That just films what I’m looking at. No science really, I’m just learning.

  6. Nice work on the Waseleys vid. Were you on the bridleway that you get to going down chapmans hill road?

  7. Well done Clive, there is glory even as a losing competitor, enjoy the ride I say. Your video skills are coming on well, you’ve proved you have a better memory than welshcyclist, if I’d left the camera to travel though the shot, I wouldn’t have appeared on camera at all, in fact I’d still be out there looking for it! You seem to have a good range of routes for your commute, which I envy, mine is basically the same up and down the valley, everyday, but I still enjoy it.

  8. Good job, hanging with the roadie for a bit, I’m wired the same way, 🙂

  9. Hi Jim, thanks for the comment, I wasn’t on that particular video, I have filmed it before though.


  10. Clive, I do the same (Re Roadies and hills) some you win, some you get humiliated on, BUT one day, you and I will be that roadie !!!!!

    Its the way we roll mate.

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